Training Outline: How to Guide

How to Manage Content

Find "How-tos" on all the things in your CMS environment. Eventually, all items will be linked to an individual page.

Start Here

Need an understanding of Drupal terminology, navigating the admin panel, and what content types vs custom blocks are? Start here!


Heard of the term but not sure how it relates to Drupal? Certain Content Types need taxonomy vocabularies to be populated with terms. 

How to Log In

Site Wide Configurations

Need to change things like your site's name, slogan, footer components, or organization link? Those are site wide configurations. 

Add Contributor, Editors, and Site Builders

Site builders are able to add users to a site, learn how!

The Home Page (front/landing node)

Drupal asks what node should be the home page. Learn how to edit your existing home page, change it if necessary, or what to do if your home page is coming up "not found".


Working with Content

Content Types Custom Blocks

Using the WYSIWYG