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How to Manage Content

Find "How-tos" on all the things in your CMS environment. Eventually, all items will be linked to an individual page.

Layout Builder!

A new tool will be replacing Panelizer. It is called the Layout Builder. All new sites (created after August 3rd) will be using Layout Builder instead of Panelizer. All sites created prior to August 3rd will have Layout Builder enabled but it will run in the background until Panelizer is disabled. This means, Panelizer will continue to exist and work. It will be up the site owner to decide if they wish to transition to Layout Builder. 
 how to use Layout Builder

The Drupal community released a notice recently that the Panelizer “module” (the thing that provides functionality around content areas and drag/drop capability to the website content management system) would no longer be supported after December 2020. Because of that, ITS is creating a new template site for each organization in Drupal's Site Factory with only “Layout Builder” enabled (the replacement for Panelizer). When creating new sites, site managers have the option to clone from their organization’s template site (with only Layout Builder enabled).  However, there is no impact to sites that are currently using Panelizer. All existing sites will have both Panelizer and Layout Builder enabled (post August 3rd upgrade), and all site editors can continue to use Panelizer until making the switch to Layout Builder. Panelizer will continue to “work” but it won’t be supported by the Drupal community if functionality breaks upon future upgrades of Drupal (for instance, Panelizer may continue to work for the first three upgrades of Drupal after December 2020 - but it could break on the fourth upgrade and would not be supported at that point).

There are rumors that an automated conversion tool is being developed within the Drupal community that will automatically “switch” use of Panelizer over to Layout Builder, but nothing official has come out yet. Honestly, site owners could very likely wait until next summer to see if that tool is developed, and if not - do the conversion then and still have plenty of time to move to Layout Builder before official support for Panelizer goes away. 

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Need an understanding of Drupal terminology, navigating the admin panel, and what content types vs custom blocks are? Start here!

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Heard of the term but not sure how it relates to Drupal? Certain Content Types need taxonomy vocabularies to be populated with terms. 

How to Log In

Site Wide Configurations

Need to change things like your site's name, slogan, footer components, or organization link? Those are site wide configurations. 

Add Contributor, Editors, and Site Builders

Site builders are able to add users to a site, learn how!

The Home Page (front/landing node)

Drupal asks what node should be the home page. Learn how to edit your existing home page, change it if necessary, or what to do if your home page is coming up "not found".


Working with Content

Content Types Custom Blocks

Please note that with the July update, any newly created custom blocks will be set as "draft" and will need to be updated to "published" to be visible for visitors.  

Using the WYSIWYG